Reeftronics Has Downsized

Reeftronics began about 8 years ago as a free service to the reefkeeping community. Oh, things have changed since then! The Apex and ReefAngel controllers were released, APEX Fusion and the RA Portal went live, another system similar to Reeftronics came and went, and more. The aquarium controller landscape has changed drastically in those years!

I enhanced Reeftronics many times over the years to continue to support Neptune and RA controllers as these product lines grew and evolved, and conversely, I retired several of the online tools here which were focused on the Apex because Neptune added equivalent functionality into APEX Fusion. Neptune further enhanced APEX Fusion with a Heartbeat function; that functionality became available to all Apex users in January 2017. APEX Fusion Heartbeat is similar in function to the now-retired polling and notification system which Reeftronics used to offer; if the system detected a loss of communications with an Apex, a series of notifications (email and/or text messages) will be sent. This notification system upon loss of communications had been the greatest benefit to being a Reeftronics member. But Neptune’s Heartbeat function is even better than mine, and I encourage all former Reeftronics members to start using Heartbeat now.

As of January 2017, over 90% of Reeftronics members used Apex controllers, and membership for DA and RA controllers continued to decrease both in proportion to the number of Apex users and in absolute quantity. In light of the heavy predominance of Apex users here on Reeftronics and with APEX Fusion Heartbeat being available, the single-most important function of Reeftronics had become redundant for 90% of members. Also, membership overall had been declining; it was barely half what it was a few years ago. Consequently, I made the difficult decision to discontinue all membership aspects of Reeftronics. In late 2016, Reeftronics stopped accepting new or returning members. On March 4th, this site underwent a major transformation. Most of Reeftronics was retired, and what remained was moved to a smaller server. The extremely popular APEX Dosing Program Generator was definitely retained.

On February 26th, I sent out emails out to all then-active members about this, but some were returned as undeliverable – in most cases, it was because the address I had for you was no longer valid.